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So you want to be fit.  But who has the time?  And what about the guilt that comes with paying for a gym membership that you wonder if you will use?  And when you pay for the membership, and you do not use it – you can be sure your old “friend” guilt will be right there at your side going “…tisk, tisk, tisk – I told you so…”

Now I am not saying that joining a gym is not a good thing.  I “gymed” my way through my 20’s and I ran – heck – I even sewed, knit, made fancy cakes and meals.  I do less and less of these things now – so where did the time go that I dedicated to these activities – and heck – where did the dedication go?!?!  I have concluded, in my case, there are many reasons that feed into my not-so-regimented lifestyle – but quite simply put, my life is not so regimented.  There – I said it – and I am proud of it.  I am less driven by routine and more driven by how I feel at the time.  I also have less of a monopoly on my “free” time as it is not just my free time – I have family needs to consider. Driving to and fro is a huge time taker, and often I am the last to know that I did, indeed, have “plans” – I was just not informed! (…birthday party at 6:00 in the east end…join me in my head-space….I live in the west end of town – it is Friday, 5:00, and I just walked in the door – this is where yogic breathing comes in handy – future blog – watch this space…)

I do not feel my situation is unique – the world we now live in demands many things of us, and it is up us to bow to these things or to simply bow out.  It is time to take time for you – because remember – you can not make time – you have to take it.

My need to be fit and feel fit lead me to investigating ways I can accomplish this; ways that meet my needs – ready at hand, time flexible and not too expensive – and I have found it – Urban Poling!

Commonly know as Nordic Pole Walking, Urban Poling is a sport that is becoming immensely popular as it is convenient and enjoyable like regular walking, and has the added bonus of upper body strengthening.  It is ideal for people of all ages, promotes good posture, works the elusive core and gives you a total body workout.  I park my poles at the front door, and they are my friendly reminder when I come home that I am going to take time for me, so I can be my best self to those in my life, to my work, and most importantly, to me!

My poles are from a Canadian company called Urban Poling.  On their site they describe the many health benefits of poling, including:

  • Exercises 90% of your muscles & reduces stress on lower joints;
  • Burns up to 47% more calories over walking without poles;
  • Works your core muscles: walking, snowshoeing or climbing mountains.

Their poles are strapless (preventing thumb injuries if you fall), the handles are ergonomic and specific for left and right hand, and they have shock absorption features to minimize vibrations to the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints.  Their poles are designed to be loosely gripped, and position the hand and wrist in a natural and functional position.  The wide base of the handle provides support and core strengthening when the outside edge of the hand applies pressure to it.  They also have a rehab pole called the Activator, which were specifically designed by an occupational therapist.  The Activator poles have a button locking system, wide bell-shaped tips and a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, designed for clients needing greater support.

You may choose to pole walk with a friend, and then you have a social outing, and a fitness activity all in one!  Why not make it a family affair? Add baskets to your poles and use them when you are snow shoeing.  All seasons, full body workout – makes for a consistent healthy lifestyle activity.  Follow the link below to Urban Poling training information and videos, and get poling!

Urban Poling training information and videos



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