Our patients’ success is why we do what we do. Here are some of their stories in their own words:


“I’ve been a patient of Back on Track since 2008, after a motor vehicle accident. Donna’s approach was different than any I had experienced before; as unfortunately this was not my first accident. She focused on teaching me to help myself, rather than a five-minute consult followed by a Tens machine treatment, like my experiences before. We discussed how other factors in my life can affect how I heal and when I was faced with another injury last year, I did not hesitate to go back to Donna and her team. I feel so fortunate for the first referral to her as I have no doubt I am much better off because of that today.” – D. Goodyear

“My first visit to Donna and her team at Back on Track was in 2008 for a painfully limited shoulder. I was so impressed with the assessment, treatment and the results, I returned in 2010 when I injured my lower back, and also in 2012 to settle a flare of the same back issue. So when I was having issues with my hand and arm following excessive computer use, I visited my family doctor to get, you guessed it, a referral to Back on Track.” – J. Hobbs

“I am very thankful to have been under the care of Donna and her team at Back on Track following a car accident in 2012. The excellent care I received gave me the confidence to move forward, and the attention to details which were specific to a motor vehicle accident were greatly appreciated. The clinic’s communication with my family doctor and my insurance adjuster helped me to focus on recovery, and for this I am eternally grateful.” – E. Snow

“I was referred to Back on Track in 2010 by my chiropractor as I had been suffering from arm pain for four months. I especially appreciated the private, individual treatment rooms, and the face time I received from my physiotherapist, as at Back on Track they work  exclusively one-on-one with their clients. Donna and the team at Back on Track were vital in my care, and the entire process of a workplace injury, from communicating with my caseworkers and completing the necessary paperwork.” – D. Whelan